It is OK To Mix Dining Chair Styles!

10th Aug 2015

You don't need to have perfectly matched dining sets for today's dining rooms. Once you have chosen your dining table, mix and match dining chairs to create an inviting unique one of a kind ambiance. Start with selecting your design style, whether it be french country, spanish style, tuscan style, modern etc.. and surround your table with an assortment of side and arm chairs. 

Don't Match Your Dining Chairs

Use matching chairs along the sides of the dining table, but choose different arm chairs or side chairs for the host / hostess chairs on each end. You can even choose wood dining chairs for the side chairs and upholstered fabric chairs for the end of the table. 

Choosing a color that compliments the side chairs and is consistent may be more appealing to you, or if you want more of a statement, choose a different hue in solids or prints for the host and hostess chairs. 

Here metal french bistro chairs are used for side chairs and chic textured wicker arm chairs are chosen for the ends of the table!