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It is OK To Mix Dining Chair Styles!

10th Aug 2015

You don't need to have perfectly matched dining sets for today's dining rooms. Once you have chosen your dining table, mix and match dining chairs to create an inviting unique one of a kind ambiance. … read more

9 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

9th Feb 2015

Here are some simple ways to turn your bedroom into a luxurious suite. (Ivanka Trump's New York Apartment)1) Pillows: Over fill your throw pillows. Luxury is all in the details and there is nothi … read more

Adding Vintage Style Pieces To Your Space

6th Jan 2015

Whatever the style is in your home, old world, tuscan, french country, modern, or contemporary, adding a vintage piece of furniture or a vintage accessory will add interest and timeless character to a … read more

How To Decorate With A Starburst Mirror!

17th Dec 2014

You may not know, but the starburst mirror was first created during the reign of the French King Louis XIV. He was known as the "Sun King" and he founded the first French mirror/glass factory … read more