European Small Cloche (As Seen On HGTV)

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European Glass Small Cloche (As Seen on HGTV)

The dramatic silhouette of a classic wine bottle created the perfect shape for our demijohn glass cloche. Made of recycled glass mouth blown into authentic molds, our small cloche is rimmed with tin and topped with a reclaimed wood cork. The decorative accent is perfect in its practical use as a fruit, cheese or bread cloche, or simply as a table accent.

Weight: 1 lb

Length: 7 inches

Width: 7 inches

Height: 9.5 inches

*Base Sold Separately  

There is nothing better than having a decorative piece in your home that can be displayed numerous ways and also serve as a conversation starter. A glass cloche can do just that.

Originating in Italy during the early 1600s, cloches were used to protect plants from cold winter winds when the frosts settled in. The name, “cloche,” comes from a French origin meaning “bell,” which typically is the traditional shape of the translucent cover. The bell-shaped glass cover can be placed on numerous surfaces and the possibilities are endless when it comes to displaying these decorative pieces. 

Add to your kitchen island decor by placing our cloche on a tray. This is a great way to display anything decorative and can additionally serve as a protective cover for baked goods. From fresh, out of the oven bread to your breakfast bagels, anything will make a statement once arranged under this gorgeous dome.