Decorate With Modern Style

Decorate With Modern Style

3rd Nov 2017

To decorate with modern style means incorporating clean lines, tailored detail, and pops of color that will draw the eye in for balance and serenity. It is the idea of combining the principles of proportion, comfort, and functional pieces. Modern furniture is not chunky, rather it is clean and simple. When you are working on a small scale home or space, simple is always better. Keep the walls painted in light bright whites. Creating an airy space can be achieved by bringing light into the room. A large window lets sunlight in to play and provides a feeling of light and warmth.  

Modern style furnishings in solid colors create visual interest when they incorporate texture. Splashes of color cancome in the form of pillows with geometric patterns or even stripes. Rugs also can add the needed color with geometric designs and patterns, but be careful to stay away from floral patterns and try not to include too many colors into one room. Pale grays that do not have too much blue or green are subtle and make for a nice backdrop to a space. These colors look beautiful in most rooms along with pinks and lavenders and add a level of sophistication. 

In a larger room, adding modern sofas flanked by 2 to 4 chairs bring a more symmetrical design. Or another option is too use high backed sofas that will envelop you like cocoon, while bringing a level of comfort and intimacy. A modern sofa should look good from the back, especially when it is floating in a room. Seat height is important because you don't want it to be too low or too high. The best seat height measurement to keep in mind when buying a sofa is around 18-19 inches.

Mid-century classic furniture keeps the mood serene and mixes well with contemporary pieces. Adding a spark of interest on a wall like a starburst mirror that has a 3 dimensional effect adds high style, and it makes an impact that captures light. Adding a table lamp with an interesting material like glass will illuminate a corner of a room and elegantly shafts the light upward. If you have a sofa table that is long enough, simply sliding a bench under the console adds additional seating when needed. Make sure the scale of the bench is modest and brings in texture while keeping in the same colors and tones of the sofa table.

Remember that simplicity is timeless. Creating a beautiful modern space takes time and research. Make sure to define your style before making any kind of decisions on your home d├ęcor. Your personal style should be reflected in each room.