What Size Dining Table Should I Buy?

What Size Dining Table Should I Buy?

8th Feb 2018

What size dining room table should I buy? Keep in mind how often you entertain and how many people usually attend. Make sure to measure your space to allow for a comfortable space with dining chairs. If you prefer to have options, then consider a dining table with extensions or leaves that you can add as needed to accommodate guests.

What shape dining room table should I choose? Rectangular dining room tables are ideal for larger parties. Round dining room tables, or pedestal tables, and square shaped dining tables promote conversation. Oval dining room tables can also accommodate easy conversation and more guests.

What type of table material should I choose? Dining tables come in so many options these days: various solid woods, distressed woods, painted finishes, metal and wood combinations, zinc top style, and even concrete. Determine the overall style that reflects your taste whether rustic, traditional, contemporary or modern.