Decorate With Modern Style

3rd Nov 2017

To decorate with modern style means incorporating clean lines, tailored detail, and pops of color that will draw the eye in for balance and serenity. It is the idea of combining the principles o … read more

Furniture Trends 2017 - Luxe Velvets & Jewel Tones

9th Aug 2017

We are currently loving two of the biggest trends for 2017!VELVET & JEWEL tones. This combination adds a touch of luxury to any space. There is something lavish about the plushness of the velvet, … read more

Put A Sliding Barn Door In Your House!

25th Sep 2015

There are so many options when it comes to using barn doors in your home. Get creative in every space whether it be the kitchen pantry, bedroom closet doorways, separating or dividing two rooms, cover … read more

Rustic Luxury Furniture & Design

15th Sep 2015

Rustic design is timeless and very popular right now. It incorporates comfortable living, natural elements, simplicity, and functional pieces of furniture and home decor. Rustic design can include rus … read more

It is OK To Mix Dining Chair Styles!

10th Aug 2015

You don't need to have perfectly matched dining sets for today's dining rooms. Once you have chosen your dining table, mix and match dining chairs to create an inviting unique one of a kind ambiance. … read more